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nearBuy – Cost Price Convenience Store

nearBuy is a cost price convenient grocery store designed to capitalize the power of group buying and convert them to an unmatchable price benefits and shopping experience for modern communities like apartments, villas and townships without stepping out of their community-lifestyle, comfort and privacy. Each store has been integrated with bStore – Just Efficient to manage the supply chain challenges and product life cycle demands. As a result, it produces an effective methodology to reduce handling charges and increase product freshness in your community store front.

Features & Benefits of nearBuy – Cost Price Convenience Store,

  1. Modern Convenience Store within your community-lifestyle, comfort and privacy.
  2. Just available when you need something, Operates from 7 to 11 (Longer Store Hours).
  3. Privilege to avoid long queue and get personal attention and care.
  4. Extend your comfort by getting your products delivered at home.
  5. Save your priceless time and spend more with your family and friends.
  6. Unique opportunity to convert the power of group buying to an unmatchable benefits.
To have a Cost Price Store in your Premises like apartments, villas and townships, Please Call : +91-93429-06614 / Email :
For more updates, please visit


New App for your bStore – Just Efficient

As we receive lot of new subscriptions and enquiries for the bStore – Just Efficient (Supply Chain Service for Commercial Kitchen), we realize the demand of having unique and independent application for bStore – Just Efficient.

We also introducing new bStore App for your Windows Desktops and Laptops.

File Name :
Version :
File Size : 5.26 MB

Download bStore App
Or Download Here

Note : This is a subscription based service, so you need get the activation done after the installation.  

bStore – Self Service Cash Back

Cash Back Discount for Self Service Purchases & Payments at your bStore.
  • 1% Cash Back Discount on the Invoice value for Fulfillment of all the following Self Service Conditions,
    • Self Service Online Purchase Only
    • Self Service Payment Through Bank (Online Transfer, NEFT – Online, NEFT – Branch & Account Deposit(#)) before bStore Closing.
  • No Minimum & Maximum Limits on Discounts
  • Discount get credited only on bStore Account & Used only for further purchases at bStore.
  • 4-5 Working Days to Credit Discount on bStore Account.
  • No Manual Claim Required / Automatically Claimed if the Self Service Conditions met
  • Reserve the right to change the Percentage Value Or Conditions at any time.
  • SMS updates for Cash Back Credit on Registered Mobile Numbers
  • No other Payment methods (like Cheque, Cash Pickup, Card Payments) avail this discount.
  • No Similar Discount Claimed Together.
  • Reserve the right to withdraw the discount option at any time.
  • Effective only from 15/10/2012
  • No Discount for returning articles (Replacement & Refund Option)

    Note : Order Processing Day / Next Banking Day (before delivery) can be included for availing this discount in case of any National or Local Holiday for Banks on a day before the Order Processing. 

Offline gets Full Power on R1.2

With our latest release(R1.2), you have more power with your offline store. You can search your products, work with your quicklist and prepare your pre-order anytime you wanted since your offline store gets the complete power of  your online store now.

1. Build / Modify your Quick List
2. Search Products
3. Add / Remove Items on Pre-Order

Much More Transparency on your bStore Account Now !

With this new release (R1.2), You can go through your bStore account transaction at any time, No need to wait for the monthly account statement anymore. Your bStore Account becomes much more transparent and also you can get purchase credit limit at your bStore now.

bStore Account Summary on Trip Selection Page
bStore Account Summary on Trip Selection Page 

Your bStore Trip Selection Page has more detailed account balance from now on. In the above example, the Effective Balance field provides the amount due(ie Rs.57,005.25) on your bStore Account. The Available Purchase Limit field gives you the fund availability for your next purchase (ie Rs.16,494.75).

On Monthly Summary Page, You can get transnational level Information like your account funding / payments, purchases and withdrawals. Also you can get the complete invoice detail for all your purchase transactions. Data Storage Limited to 3 Months

Dear Customers,

Thank you for your wonderful support for bControl – Small Business Management Software.

It’s being very long you are using bControl for your business administration & Activity Management. As you know, your bControl stores all your information on the server for instant access without any limitation.

But we have been forced to introduce a storage limitation on the server due to the huge amount of data and poor performance issues.

New Storage Limitation : Three Months of Data Storage.
Applicable from : 01 April 2012
Update : Applicable Date has been changed to 15 March 2012. You will find business data only for this year (from Jan-2012) on 16th March 2012. So please download all your business data on or before 15 March 2012. 
[Dated : 02-04-2012]

As per the new data storage limitation, You will be able to access your three months business data from your & rest of your data will be deleted automatically from the server. We advice you to take your data backup from the server on monthly bases.

On 1st of April, You will have access to the last 3 months (01-01-2012 to 31-03-2012) data on your

Sorry for the Inconvenience.

bControl – Team

New Products @ bStore (Fruit Juices, South Indian Pappad, etc)

We are introducing 32 new products for your convenience at your bStore today. We always working hard to simplify your business purchase at your bStore.

Orange Juice [Real] – 1 L PK
Pineapple Juice [Real] – 1 L PK
Mixed Fruit Juice [Real] – 1 L PK
Gauva Nectar [Real] – 1 L PK
Pomegranate Nectar [Real] – 1 L PK
Cranberry Nectar [Real] – 1 L PK
Mango Nectar [Real] – 1 L PK
Litchi Nectar [Real] – 1 L PK
Apple Nectar [Real] – 1 L PK
Peach Nectar [Real] – 1 L PK
Grape Nectar [Real] – 1 L PK
Tomato Juice [Real] – 1 L PK
Apricot Juice [Real] – 1 L PK
Plum Juice [Real] – 1 L PK
Orange Juice [Real] – 12 L (1 L PK X 12)
Pineapple Juice [Real] – 12 L (1 L PK X 12)
Mixed Fruit Juice [Real] – 12 L (1 L PK X 12)
Gauva Nectar [Real] – 12 L (1 L PK X 12)
Pomegranate Nectar [Real] – 12 L (1 L PK X 12)
Cranberry Nectar [Real] – 12 L (1 L PK X 12)
Mango Nectar [Real] – 12 L (1 L PK X 12)
Litchi Nectar [Real] – 12 L (1 L PK X 12)
Apple Nectar [Real] – 12 L (1 L PK X 12)
Peach Nectar [Real] – 12 L (1 L PK X 12)
Grape Nectar [Real] – 12 L (1 L PK X 12)
Tomato Juice [Real] – 12 L (1 L PK X 12)
Apricot Juice [Real] – 12 L (1 L PK X 12)
Plum Juice [Real] – 12 L (1 L PK X 12)
Pappad (Udad – Regular Size) [Sree Rama] – 350 GM PK
Pappad (Udad – Regular Size) [Sree Rama] – 3.5 Kg (350 GM PK X 10)
Javitri / Japathra / Mace / Japathri (Economy) – 250 GM PK
Vinegar [Prince] – 9.6 L (800ml PK X 12)

New Language (Tamil) in your bStore

We are happy to bring you another language support in your bStore. Now your bStore can also speak in Tamil along with all other languages.

At this stage, we have 5 different language support in your bStore.
1. English
2. Hindi (हिंदी)
3. Kannada (ಕನ್ನಡ)
4. Tamil (தமிழ்)
5. Telugu (తెలుగు)

Four More Products at bStore

Another four new products have been introduced in your bStore today,

Macroni (Elbow Pasta) – 1Kg PK
Asafoetida [LG-Crystals] – 50GM PK
Jaggery – 1Kg PK
Ghee [Nandini] – 500ML PK

New Products @ your bStore

Another 12 articles added to your bStore, 

Pappad (Punjabi Masala – Mini Size) [Lijjat] –  200GM PK
Meal Maker – 1Kg PK
Ghee [Nandini] – 12L (1L PK X 12)
Ghee [Nandini] – 1L PK
Ghee [Nandini] – 15KG PK
Honey [Coorg] – 1Kg PK
Honey (Economy) [Madhu] – 1Kg PK
Honey (Premium) [Madhu] – 500GM PK
Vermicelli – 5Kg PK
Basmati Rice [Kohinoor Charminar] – 1Kg PK X 20 
Basmati Rice [Kohinoor Charminar] – 5Kg PK X 4 
Keora Water – 250ML PK