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nearBuy – Cost Price Convenience Store

nearBuy is a cost price convenient grocery store designed to capitalize the power of group buying and convert them to an unmatchable price benefits and shopping experience for modern communities like apartments, villas and townships without stepping out of their community-lifestyle, comfort and privacy. Each store has been integrated with bStore – Just Efficient to manage the supply chain challenges and product life cycle demands. As a result, it produces an effective methodology to reduce handling charges and increase product freshness in your community store front.

Features & Benefits of nearBuy – Cost Price Convenience Store,

  1. Modern Convenience Store within your community-lifestyle, comfort and privacy.
  2. Just available when you need something, Operates from 7 to 11 (Longer Store Hours).
  3. Privilege to avoid long queue and get personal attention and care.
  4. Extend your comfort by getting your products delivered at home.
  5. Save your priceless time and spend more with your family and friends.
  6. Unique opportunity to convert the power of group buying to an unmatchable benefits.
To have a Cost Price Store in your Premises like apartments, villas and townships, Please Call : +91-93429-06614 / Email :
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New App for your bStore – Just Efficient

As we receive lot of new subscriptions and enquiries for the bStore – Just Efficient (Supply Chain Service for Commercial Kitchen), we realize the demand of having unique and independent application for bStore – Just Efficient.

We also introducing new bStore App for your Windows Desktops and Laptops.

File Name :
Version :
File Size : 5.26 MB

Download bStore App
Or Download Here

Note : This is a subscription based service, so you need get the activation done after the installation.  

bStore – Self Service Cash Back

Cash Back Discount for Self Service Purchases & Payments at your bStore.
  • 1% Cash Back Discount on the Invoice value for Fulfillment of all the following Self Service Conditions,
    • Self Service Online Purchase Only
    • Self Service Payment Through Bank (Online Transfer, NEFT – Online, NEFT – Branch & Account Deposit(#)) before bStore Closing.
  • No Minimum & Maximum Limits on Discounts
  • Discount get credited only on bStore Account & Used only for further purchases at bStore.
  • 4-5 Working Days to Credit Discount on bStore Account.
  • No Manual Claim Required / Automatically Claimed if the Self Service Conditions met
  • Reserve the right to change the Percentage Value Or Conditions at any time.
  • SMS updates for Cash Back Credit on Registered Mobile Numbers
  • No other Payment methods (like Cheque, Cash Pickup, Card Payments) avail this discount.
  • No Similar Discount Claimed Together.
  • Reserve the right to withdraw the discount option at any time.
  • Effective only from 15/10/2012
  • No Discount for returning articles (Replacement & Refund Option)

    Note : Order Processing Day / Next Banking Day (before delivery) can be included for availing this discount in case of any National or Local Holiday for Banks on a day before the Order Processing. 

bStore Mega Cash Back Offer

We always happy to get the best offers & discount for our customers. Today we announced that we got the Big Special Discount from Kwality & Winny product manufacturers for our customers. And we named this offer as “bStore Mega Cash Back Offer”.

bStore Mega Cash Back Offer available for all 30 different Kwality & Winny brand products from this week at your bStore.

1. Gobi Manchurian Masala 

2. Noodles Masala 

3. Super Garam Masala (Economy)

4. Chana Masala 

5. Chat Masala 

6. Kitchen King 

7. Pani Puri Masala 

8. Sambhar Powder 

9. Rasam Powder 

10. Tea Masala 

11. Jaljira 

12. Kasuri Methi 

13. Tandoori Chicken Masala 

14. Chicken Masala 

15. Super Chicken Masala 

16. Meat Masala 

17. Kabab Masala 

18. Fish Masala 

19. Chilly Powder 

20. Corriander Powder 

21. White Pepper Powder (Compounded) 

22. Black Pepper Powder (Compounded) 

23. Jeera Powder (Compounded) 

24. Kashmiri Chilly Powder 

25. Dry Mango Powder 

26. Pure Ginger Powder 

27. Pure White Pepper Powder 

28. Pure Black Pepper Powder 

29. Pure Jeera Powder 

30. Baking Powder 

There are no minimum purchase condition to avail this offer other than bStore normal trip purchase conditions. Your cash back amount will be credited back to your bStore Account after your invoice processed for the specific week.   
Initial Offer Period :  15-11-2011 to 15-01-2012.

Ten good reasons to know more about our products and services

1. Connect all your branches together at one place
2. 24/7 access to your business reports almost from anywhere
3. Identify your customers at every point of sale
4. Get Business updates on your mobile phone
5. Personalized Real-Time Business Dashboard
6. Multi – dimensional reports for sales, purchases and expenses
7. Integrated counters for all your point of sale
8. Reach out your customers on their mobile phones
9. No Maintenance – Advanced cloud computing services
10. FREE License for your lifetime (Limited Time Offer)

Hurry! to get your Free Subscription today, Or +91-9342906614 Or www.bControlOnline.Com
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bControl – FREE Software for Restaurants

Knowledge actually means “Right information to the right people on right time”. An Information System can organize, transform and deliver the knowledge of the people, process, time and cost.

Our products are designed with Human Friendliness and highly simplified for increasing your business management efficiency. It doesn’t need any highly qualified professionals to operate and it is as simple as your mobile phone and applications. Our product helps you to view your business data with high level of reality and different dimensional understanding.

bControlOnWS (Installable Software) :: It is a real-time thin desktop application used to monitor and control the operations on the business and it helps to increase the accuracy and customer happiness. The following features are offered in this installable software, 
1. Point of Sale – along with customized invoice print
2. Sale Return
3. Expense
4. Purchase
5. Purchase Return
6. Customer Management – Keep in touch with your customer by Automatic email and SMS services.

bControlOnline :: It is a real-time business management portal helps you to understand your business operations, opportunities and threads at any point of time and almost anywhere in the globe. The portal is highly flexible and tightly integrated with bControlOnWS application.
Each report in the portal has been designed very carefully with the daily operational needs. So it provides you a freedom of accessing your own business data without any boundaries. 
You have access to the reports namely,
1. Summary Reports

  • Daily Sales Summary
  • Monthly Sale Summary (Easy sale indicators and past 4 month sale comparison chart along with hourly sale summary for each of your sales item)
  • Daily Sale Return Summary
  • Monthly Sale Return Summary
  • Daily Purchase Summary
  • Monthly Purchase Summary (Past 3 month price and quantity comparable chart for your purchased products)
  • Daily Purchase Return Summary
  • Monthly Purchase Return Summary
  • Daily Expense Summary
  • Monthly Expense Summary
  • Customer Wise Sale Summary

2. Sale Invoice Transaction Report
3. Sale Return Transaction Report
4. Purchase Transaction Report
5. Purchase Return Transaction Report
6. Expense Transaction Report
7. Dashboard Reports (Sales Top 10, Division Wise Sale Pie chart, etc)

Features you never experienced before,
1. You can view the reports anywhere at any time without accessing your work place using www.bControlOnline.Com
2. Helps you to connect always with your business and ensures effective business control.
3. You can understand and analyze the unwanted purchases and expenses by just viewing the graphical representation of your business data.
4. You can control the unwanted cash flow using bControlOnline.
5. You can concentrate and effectively manage your multi-located business operations.
6. No needs to maintain any hard copies since the reports are real-time available almost from anywhere and being secured with bControlDataGrid (Secured Database).
7. Make a realistic business decisions through your business data.