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bControl – More control on your payment collection

Start managing your customer payments as easy as your invoice. Known your pending payments from table or from home delivery ! 


bControl – Enable SMS Updates for your customers

To send SMS to your customers, you must provide your confirmation by enabling SMS update check box on your customer detail page from

Please make sure that you use this service responsibly. This service will send the SMS to your customer’s mobile phone automatically. So please make sure that you confirm the same from your customer before enabling the SMS updates for them.

bControl – Weekly Sale Summary Report

You can get the Weekly sale summary report from the Advance Sale Summary. Same way you can get the sale summary report for 15 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and so on.

bControl – Add anniversary date of your Customers

Using your bControlOnline, You can add your customer’s anniversary date to your customer profile. You can add or modify the Date Of Brith, Marriage Anniversary and Loved One’s Brith Dates to your customer profile. 

bControl – Enable Email updates for your customer

You can send personalized email for your customers using the Bulk Emailing Service. But you need to enable the email updates for each customer before sending an email using the Bulk Emailing Service. In other words, your customer will receive your email only if you choose them to receive. Even this applies to your scheduled or Automatic Emailing Service. 

Please play the following video to known, how you can enable your email service for your customers. 

Note : You should have Power User rights to modify your customer details. 

bControl – Promote your business with bulk Email Service

Promotional activities are required to bring back your customer to your Restaurant again and again. Emailing will have very good impact if it comes to personalized advertising, so it’s very mush important that you start sending emails every now and then to promote your Restaurant Brand among others. Your personalized promotional activities will elevate your business to the next level of identification. 

Bulk Emailing Service, one of the important personalized marketing tool in your bControl. This helps you to send a personalized email to all your customers. Your Bulk Emailing Service is highly simplified that you can send an email message to all your customers by just clicking a single button.  

bControl – Remotely change your product price

bControl makes it easy for you to change all your product information online from your laptop browser itself. And all your changes will be applied to your bControlOnWS (Workstation) within 15 mins, if your workstation is active. Otherwise your changes will be applied as soon as your workstation become active.

You can manage your changes remotely for all your point of service counters.

Add new Customer to your bControlOnWS

You can add your new customer to your bControlOnWS in just a minute and it is very easy that you can do it side by side with your sales or while collecting the order details over the phone. 

Step 1 : Type the mobile number of your customer on the Customer Code Input Box and press Enter key.
Step 2 : If there is no customer listed on the Customer List Screen then Press Enter Or F4.
Step 3 : Type your customer name and address on the customer detail screen then press Enter. 
Step 4 : Your customer has been added to your customer list. So you can find your customer anytime by just typing their mobile number on the Customer Code Input Box of your point of sale system.

bControl – Find your unsold items for the specific month

It’s not that, bControl helps you to know your positive things like your sale and sales growth. Your bControl can even help you to find your challenging part of your business.

Please play this video to know, how can you find your unsold items for the specific month. because it is important to know them and it needs your attention too.

bControl – Sales Invoice Details Report

Your bControl (Business Management Tool) helps you to find each and very invoice individually. Please play the video below to understand how..?