nearBuy – Cost Price Convenience Store

nearBuy is a cost price convenient grocery store designed to capitalize the power of group buying and convert them to an unmatchable price benefits and shopping experience for modern communities like apartments, villas and townships without stepping out of their community-lifestyle, comfort and privacy. Each store has been integrated with bStore – Just Efficient to manage the supply chain challenges and product life cycle demands. As a result, it produces an effective methodology to reduce handling charges and increase product freshness in your community store front.

Features & Benefits of nearBuy – Cost Price Convenience Store,

  1. Modern Convenience Store within your community-lifestyle, comfort and privacy.
  2. Just available when you need something, Operates from 7 to 11 (Longer Store Hours).
  3. Privilege to avoid long queue and get personal attention and care.
  4. Extend your comfort by getting your products delivered at home.
  5. Save your priceless time and spend more with your family and friends.
  6. Unique opportunity to convert the power of group buying to an unmatchable benefits.
To have a Cost Price Store in your Premises like apartments, villas and townships, Please Call : +91-93429-06614 / Email :
For more updates, please visit


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