Price hike across all Grains, Pulses & Flours

According to Mr. Ashok Gulati, Chairman, Commission of Agriculture Costs and Prices told the Economic Times on 21 July, “The situation is alarming. The food grains output is likely to be down by around 15 million tonnes. Dip in pulses production would be a great problem, we will then have to import pulses in huge quantity. Since pulses producing countries are limited, the prices of pulses will go up.

Prices of oilseeds and pulses are firming up in India because globally soft commodity prices are on the rise following the worst drought in 50 years in the US and a heat wave in southern Europe, which will reduce the yield of oil seeds, corn and wheat.

Pulses such as chana and oil seeds – mustard seed, soyabean, cotton seed, and castor seed futures have rallied up between 15-26% on the NCDEX Exchange since their April lows, stoking fear that food inflation may not just be a home grown problem, but a global issue that will affect imports as well.

From the past 45 days our sourcing prices of Grains & Pulses have increased up to 15 – 27.5%.

Considering the potential behind this price hike, Our team is working closely with the new set of vendors to bring an alternative cost effective products at bStore to help you to manage your food costing. As a result, you will be finding lot of new alternative product entries at bStore. 

But we strongly recommend you to try these items with the lower quantity available before buying in bulk. We also eager to hear your valuable suggestions to handle this potential scenario and also expecting all our customers to provide their feedback on new products at bStore.

As of now, we have introduced the following articles under this category.

1. Palmolein Oil (Economy)  – 10L PK
2. Sona Masoori Rice (Economy)  – 25Kg PK

Note : Your existing products will be available as always and all new products are labeled as Economy. 

All Grains, Pulses & Flours prices are expected to rise further. We will be tracking this subject and providing quick updates on our social media pages,


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